recently i took a look at minikube. at work i use ecs and tbh i just simply never worked with k8s so i wanted to give it a try.

good stuff:

  • super easy installation and basic setup of minikube and kubectl, at least on OSX
  • –driver=hyperkit is so damn fast, i was really surprised by it
  • k8s templates are super easy to read/write, especially if u have vsc extention for k8s
  • services as an abstract way to expose apps as a network service
  • kubectl is super easy to use
  • great, detailed and really straightforward documentation.
  • there are some great addons, like registry-creds that i used for pulling images from ECR
  • huge community
  • simple minikube dashboard gives a cool dashboard with overview of your cluster


  • minikube doesn’t have direct access to docker images on your machine - u need to build them inside minikube so it can see/use them
  • needs a lot of resources
  • mostly used for test/dev environments cause you are running single node k8s


  • try different ways to spin up k8s like k3s, kind, microk8s
  • checkout k8s visualization tools
  • try to use it for running tests vs pods with newman, cypress. maybe some kind of pipeline?